Glasgow International Arts Festival 2018

From 20th April till 7th May 2018, two current members and two former members of the collective create an exhibition at Govanhill Baths for Glasgow International arts festival.

The exhibition was featured in The Skinny, Vogue Online, Herald Scotland.

Two of the participant artists share notes and pictures of the experience.

Written by Adebusola Ramsay   Images by IK Ujomu  @ik_ujphotography   and Sekai Machache  @sekaimachache

Written by Adebusola Ramsay

Images by IK Ujomu @ik_ujphotography

and Sekai Machache @sekaimachache

Participating in my first art exhibition with You Afro collective during GI2018 was inspiring, exhilarating and exhausting! I’m a self-taught artist with no experience of the art industry other than watching documentaries and videos of artist's studios online. 

I submitted a selection of abstract works:


Origins (2014, 50.7cm X 50.7cm), Acrylic on canvas

I was thinking of the Lagos coastline while playing with Arylide Yellow and Manganese Blue hue.


Untitled (2015 - 2017, 40.6cm X 40.6cm), Acrylic on canvas

This painting was playing with Quinacridone crimson and Dioxazine purple.


Twists & Turns (2018, 91.4cm x 121.9cm),  

Acrylic on canvas 

This work has developed out of further consideration of my written contribution (below) to the 1st Yon Afro zine. I was thinking of the ways, strategies, negotiations that racialised people employ to manoeuvre their way through existence and survival.

“You twist and turn and bend and contort, reconfigure your mind, your soul,  

the very essence of you, 

for your existence to be tolerable. 

The very sight of you to be palatable.” 


Obfuscation of reality (2018, 76cm X 60.5cm), Acrylic on canvas

An imaginary world in Orange.

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Rhea Lewis generously provided support with production, press and marketing.

The exhibition was funded by in kind contributions from Yon Afro collective, Govanhill Baths, Transmission Gallery.