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Yon Afro Collective (YAC) includes black women from around the world, but who live in Scotland.

We came together, as a non-hierarchical collective of and for black women in Scotland, with a range of backgrounds and interests.

We came together, as black women in Scotland, united by experiences of living in a society where we have often felt under-represented, (mis)represented, and invisible.

As black women in a context where our voices and views are often overlooked and erased, sourcing reading material in which we find the familiar, is a resistant act. Through small but crucial spaces we aim to make change, educate, and engage.

We seek to archive the narratives of women of colour in Scotland, who are
frequently unaccounted for and ignored.

We came together.. out here

Yon Afro offers safe spaces for black women living in Scotland to meet together in private and public spaces. For many of our members this is the first time that we are connecting with women who share our experience of isolation and marginalisation. 

 Yon Afro Collective is fully intersectional in its approach and welcomes black trans, queer, non-binary and disabled members from all faiths and religious backgrounds. The collective welcomes support from our allies and community of collectives of colour in Scotland and beyond her borders. 

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