Our Projects


Yon Afro works collectively and collaboratively on a number of projects that aim to uplift the voices of Women of Colour in Scotland and beyond. 


Yon Afro Zine

Yon Afro Zine is a space for members to work on a collaborative publication comprising of individual and collective writing and imagery. The first issue of the zine was created over 2 days at the CCA in Glasgow as part of their 'House the Heals the Soul' Exhibition and Symposium on the XXX (Dates) 


yon afro podcast

Yon Afro's podcast is an opportunity to raise the voices of our members through open dialogue and collaboration.


yon afro socials and Events

Many Yon Afro members are established or aspiring artists and creators. The collective offers space for its members to work together on group shows. We aim to connect with organisations and institutions across Scotland and beyond to promote better representation of art made by Women of Colour in Scotland.