Our Vision and Mission

Who We Are

Yon Afro Collective is a collective of black women based in Scotland focused on centring their experience of blackness through collective activism and collaboration with the purpose to create a sense of belonging. 

Yon Afro Collective is fully intersectional in its approach and welcomes trans, queer, non-binary and disabled members from all faiths and religious backgrounds. The collective welcomes support from our allies and community of collectives of colour in Scotland and beyond her borders. 


Yon Afro

Offers hope for a sustained future of a black community in Scotland

What We Do

The collective exists as a space to encourage the sharing of lived experiences through the medium of creativity, political activism, collaboration and collective working. It has offered hope for a sustained future of a black community in Scotland.

As well as regular social events, we meet monthly to achieve our aims as a collective . If you are interested in joining us please visit here.


At the core of YAC values, are those of empowerment, education and engagement, in addition to respect, responsiveness and resistance.

Our Name

1. Mainly Scottish, Northern English and archaic dialect for the word "that", e.g "yon person", as well as a pronoun, e.g "yon's a fool"
2. Variant of "yonder"


A hairstyle consisting of a mass of very tight curls that stick out all round the head, like the natural hair of some Black people.

= Yon Afro

"that dark person", "that person not from here"